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Washington, Lincoln and FDR championed 'us' government. Will Biden revive it? LA Times
VOA VIEW: Biden is an idiot.
Iran’s foreign minister issued a public mea culpa to the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Sunday. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Iran made a major threat and mistake.
While Gov. Andrew Cuomo was securing a reported $4 million deal to write a book on his pandemic “leadership,” he and his staff were busy suppressing the truth about New York’s nursing-home deaths in the wake of the March 25 order that forced homes to admit COVID-contagious patients. And it now turns out the coverup... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Cuomo lies every time be opens his mouth.


A Bronx judge on Sunday refused to release from custody the alleged vandal charged with terrorizing Riverdale’s Jewish community. New York Post
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Sunday accused President Biden of abandoning “the rule of law” at the US border, saying the Lone Star State is literally paying the price for the immigrant surge there. Abbott, who blamed the Biden administration’s policies for causing the crisis, said Texas may have to dole out up to $1... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Biden is a foolish loser.
Back to ‘Murderapolis’ “With the gigantic outpouring of global attention” to the George Floyd case, Michael Tracey argues at his Substack newsletter, “it would be foolish to not also notice the comparatively minuscule attention that other instances of unjust killings receive.” Violence in Minneapolis has “vastly increased since last summer’s protests and riots,”... New York Post
VOA VIEW: There is only one right thing - the law.
President Joe Biden pretends his policies have got the US economy bouncing back. But it’s obvious that credit for the recovery goes to former President Donald Trump. Friday, Biden told NBC News that his $1.9 trillion “relief bill” is why the nation’s gross domestic product grew 6.4 percent in the first quarter, declaring, “The reason... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Biden is a user and idiot.
His message is that the private sector alone cannot provide security and comfort to the vast majority of Americans. New York Times
VOA VIEW: The American can't count of the Biden liberal government.
President Biden’s infrastructure plan could fund a long-overdue revamp of the Brent Spence Bridge between Ohio and Kentucky. But the Senate Republican leader opposes it. New York Times
VOA VIEW: There will be little for roads, bridges and other real infrastructure.


SAN DIEGO (AP) - A son of Sinaloa cartel kingpin Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada pleaded guilty in San Diego federal court to being a leader in the global drug-trafficking syndicate, a newspaper reported. Ismael Zambada Imperial admitted in last week's plea agreement to being a major coordinator in the ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Arrogance or stupidity, or both.
Utah Republicans booed Romney but ultimately rejected a motion to censure him. ABC
VOA VIEW: Republicans' don't have a backbone to follow through.
Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., appeared on ABC's "This Week." ABC
VOA VIEW: Biden has gone a spending madness.
India records another dire milestone, but the government continues to resist a full lockdown. BBC

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Scott Gottlieb said that a drop in new Covid-19 cases was likely to continue, predicting a "relatively quiet summer when it comes to coronavirus spread." CNBC
VOA VIEW: Time will tell.
Wells Fargo Securities' Chris Harvey believes big tech's bullish run is showing cracks. CNBC
A variety of considerations should weigh into your decision of whether to pay off a mortgage, including rate of return, tax implications and peace of mind. CNBC
VOA VIEW: To each a different case.


Sen. Susan Collins said Sunday that she was "appalled" to see fellow Republican Sen. Mitt Romney was booed by members of his state party for his votes to convict Donald Trump during the former President's impeachment trials, arguing that "just one person" does not lead the GOP. CNN
VOA VIEW: Trump is the leader of the Republican party and all sane Americans.
Months after voters ousted Donald Trump from the White House, the fractures within the GOP are in sharp relief as the party wrestles with its post-Trump identity and prominent Republicans who stood up to him after the January 6 insurrection are feeling heat from his base with primaries brewing ahead of next year's midterms. CNN
VOA VIEW: So it is and should be.
Several Senate Republicans insisted on Sunday that they were open to a bipartisan deal on a narrow infrastructure plan, despite slamming the size and scope of President Joe Biden's massive infrastructure proposal. CNN
VOA VIEW: Biden has gone too far and is lost.
Former Congressman Denver Riggleman (R-VA) reacts to former Vice President Mike Pence saying that serving under Donald Trump was the "greatest honor of his life." CNN
VOA VIEW: As it should have been.
In his first address to a joint session of Congress last week, President Joe Biden framed his climate-change agenda as a once-in-a-generation economic opportunity, speaking directly to blue-collar workers. He promised that the focus on climate change would result in "jobs, jobs, jobs." CNN
VOA VIEW: Biden's promises are lies.

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Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) expressed optimism during an interview on CBS' "Face the Nation" about Congress' ability to come together and reach bipartisan compromise to pass a police reform bill. CNN's Suzanne Malveaux reports. CNN
VOA VIEW: Don't count on it.
Authorities in Portland declared a riot on Saturday night after a group of about 100 people marched in the city’s downtown area and became engaged in “criminal activity” in the name of an autonomous demonstration on May Day. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Thanks to BIden and Harris.

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Seattle Police announced the arrests of at least 14 people after unpermitted demonstrations marking May Day descended into violent confrontations stemming from a group dressed in black that traveled around the city’s downtown area towards the Cal Anderson Park, according to a report. FOX News
VOA VIEW: The left has gone mad.
The nation’s second-largest teachers union, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), regularly communicated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the White House on school reopening, emails showed Saturday. FOX News
Former FDA Commissioner and current Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb on Sunday said the cause for U.S. travel bans from places as India related to the COVID-19 pandemic must be more clear. UPI
North Korea sent a series warning of consequences if the United States maintains a "hostile policy" towards its nuclear program and South Korea continues its " intolerable provocation." UPI
VOA VIEW: NK is making a foolish mistake.
Republican Susan Wright advanced to a runoff in a special election for the seat representing Texas' 6th Congressional district left vacant by her late husband Rep. Ron Wright. UPI

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